Vegas And Hoover Dam

We’re a few weeks shy of Christmas and that means two things here in southern Cal: (1) really awesome sunny weather while people in other parts of the country are digging themselves through snow and rain and (2) winter sales. This time last year I was trekking from Morocco through Spain so had missed out on a lot of the sales. But apparently not too much because I still remember taking calls at 2am from sales associates (“SAs”) who had shoes or clothes they knew I had to have at the reduced prices…perhaps they knew in my half sleep I would be less likely to say no!

This year I decided to stay in the US during sale season and host guests for a change. I figured I’d actually make it to the stores to see the sales myself instead of relying on fuzzy pictures emailed from my SAs’ phones while half way across the world. But as it turns out, since my guests have been here, it’s been a nonstop whirl around the state of California for three weeks (which explains my silence here till now). And with the exception of that Black Friday weekend–and all I can say about that is that I’m not sure I’ll be waking up at 3:30am to hit the mall by 4am ever again–I haven’t really been able to get into any stores!

Today’s photos are of our quick jaunt to Vegas and Hoover Dam (which is pretty incredible, I might add)…

and the closest I came to shopping there was at this machine

where I traded $1 for this coin:

I do remember that when we got back to the Bellagio, I walked by the Chanel boutique a few times but had no energy left to actually set foot inside it or any of the other stores ripe with pre-sales. But I did get photos of the winter wonderland in the Bellagio’s foyer:

I know Vegas is a big destination for a lot of people, but whenever I’m in a casino, I feel like I need a shower. I can’t be the only person to feel this way, can I?

Tomorrow I’ll show you where I should have gone all these years ago…but like I always say about travel: it’s never too late to start.

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  1. ema

    Can’t wait to hear your “miss plan B” story, and see what you got from the Lanvin H&M collection

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