Grand Canyon

Isn’t it sometimes the case that the most precious thing you seek is right there in your own backyard? I don’t mean the money tree you’re watering and feeding while saving up for that perfect handbag. Or the infinity pool designed by you and coveted by your neighbors. What I do mean is the gift from nature that’s sort of right here in my backyard…er, a couple of states over.

This is such a huge country that crossing state lines takes many hours…

lots of stretches of desert sand and cacti…

and odd sightings of open air museums and random pit stops…

and ominous signs inside pit stops (I know you road warriors are laughing at me, but this city girl is scared of any restroom that has any kind of warning)…

till you reach one of the true wonders of the world, Arizona’s Grand Canyon:

We only manage to visit a tiny fraction of the national park’s South Rim on a glorious, sunny day. And already I’m planning to come back for a whole week of hiking through this park when there are more daylight hours. I can’t wait to ride a mule down the canyon or take a helicopter flight through its valleys. Standing high atop the canyon, I would give anything to be a bird for one day and soar over its cliffs…

What took me so long to get here? But better late than never. I can’t wait to return. Btw, I love this Balenciaga men’s day bag I’ve been using on this trip as seen in this photo–the Bal leather makes the perfect travel companion!

I could stay here forever,

but the next stop awaits us on our road trip,

and by sundown we are already dreaming of new discoveries.

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  1. April

    I lived in AZ and I never got the the GC, so good for you!

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