FIMTSO: The Tweed Jacket

One of my favorite fashion routines is collecting CHANEL RTW. Every season I peruse the runway pictures as they hit or spy pics from various sources and make a wish list. Trunk shows roll around, editorials show up in print and electronic publications, and I begin whittling my list down to a very short list. At these price points, it becomes more and more necessary to build a tight collection–I want to buy well with pieces that complement my wardrobe and splurge once in a while on a very special “dream” item. In the end, it has to be quality over quantity.

One of the reasons I have focused so much on this label is because, season after season, I am able to find something timeless yet modern. Yes, the problem with that is that, as a friend told me, things get boring if you don’t expand your fashion horizon. One tweed jacket eventually looks like the next, especially since this brand has such a distinctive look about it. But what’s kept me in the game is that every collection comes with a twist. A quirk. A cool button here, a beautiful trim there. And ultimately, the fabric doesn’t stop getting better. The day the fabric stops captivating me is the day I leave a label.

Anyway, that’s just a roundabout intro to our next FIMTSO episode: the tweed jacket, which I know you all have one (or more) somewhere in your closet. It’s a challenge to make one look not so dowdy or…well, preppy. In my head I want to dress like a rockstar, but my closet is a shrine to Coco. Let’s see if I can build 3 looks with one of my dowdiest (plaid + tweed–can it get any worse? :D) jackets. I love me some of that tweed fringe though. Sigh.

Test Item: 04P silk blend tweed jacket

Look 1: this is my casual look with the dirty rinse skinny jeans and some wedge espadrilles (both from Target!). The beaded tank is by Tory Burch. Based on these photos, I’m thinking I should never buy jeans in this rinse again and just stick to my dark denims.

Look 2: a versatile jacket should also work with a skirt or dress, right? So here it is paired with a Chanel denim dress and same shoes. I usually wear a tiny cardi over this dress.

Look 3: this is actually my favorite way to wear this jacket, over a white Gap tank and theory linen pants. I complete the look with a pair of sneakers. I call it my Gatsby look–shouldn’t I be playing croquet or lawn tennis or something? πŸ˜€


  1. larkie

    ooh thanks for the tip! i just went to their website and found some super cute boots!!

  2. claudia

    Hi Larkie, loving your outfits here as always great choices. I have a pair of steve maden wedges just like yours but mine are nude patent leather. I need to check the denim ones from target, very cute.

  3. larkie

    hi M! thanks for your comment :D! i love dark, dark denim but wish there were a way to keep them without fading after a wash or even visit to the dry cleaner!

  4. Melissa

    I think the lighter denim looks good on you Larkie. πŸ™‚ Maybe its a good pair to keep in the mix for versatility? Looks really cute with the tweed Chanel and casual top and wedges!

    I don’t go super light on my denim either, so I am feeling you to stick toward darker rinses….and I own all of 3 pair of jeans…I need to bulk up my collection a little.

    Denim dress – adorable!

    Thanks for sharing gal!

    Love your blog! πŸ™‚

    Melissa πŸ™‚

  5. larkie

    aw thanks! ya, that denim dress has been quite a workhorse for the summer weather we’re still having this late in the year!

  6. jelita78

    you are just brilliant in all the assembling!
    i loooooveeee the denim dress! seriously! that is gorgeous!

    and yeah, put a huge hat over your head, and i can imagine polo grounds walking with that white Gatsby look!

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