FIMTSO: The Corduroy Pants

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about the downsizing of America, and I don’t mean corporate America. Small revolutions are on the rise around the country, led by women on a collective fashion diet. Blogs, websites, and even parties have popped up like rehab mushrooms for people learning to make do with less. Women (and I suspect some men) are finding liberation in de-cluttering their closets and devoting more time to other endeavors instead of hitting the stores on-line or in person. It’s safe to say consignment stores are the true beneficiaries to this new movement; they now have an endless stream of inventory from people who are clearing out their closets as well as a growing clientele of people who find second-hand items more fitting for their slimmer budgets.

My FIMTSO series was started more or less along the same thinking, as a way for me to maximize what I already have in my closet instead of cramming more stuff inside its bulging walls. I’ve not quite figured out how to go cold turkey with shopping, but since FIMTSOing in February of this year, I’ve definitely learned to buy much less impulsively. It’s made me rethink each buying decision; if I see something I adore but can’t visualize at least 3 different looks with it, I would have to pass. I know a lot of you are already very smart shoppers and way ahead of my learning curve, but I’m a serious addict on a slippery slope journey to rehab. I’ll let you know if I ever kick the habit. You know what they say, once an addict, always an addict. Unfortunately for me, couture is no less potent than meth–but boy oh boy, what a high!

Test Item: theory caramel corduroy pants.

Work Look: For a day/work look, I’m pairing the pants with a dark red Gucci shirt, Valentino slingbacks with mink flowers, and Chanel brown bowler bag.

Weekend Look:
For a more casual weekend outing, I’d wear the pants with an army green BR tank under a JCrew dark olive jacket. Dark brown Converse laceless sneakers and dark brown Chanel tote finish the look. I would wear this ensemble to a basketball game or to loiter inside my favorite stores. See what I mean about addiction? 😀

Night Look: Sometimes I wonder if I do have a split personality. A very big part of me loves sequins, and I’m sooo not a sequins kind of girl. But let’s just leave that between my therapist and me. For a night out, I’d up the sparkly quotient with this coral sequined JCrew cardigan over a slinky flesh colored tank. The coppery coral Manolos in an exotic skin and Chanel matte gold 2.55 flap finish my look.


  1. larkie

    ^ya, that matte gold flap is one of the most photogenic bags in the world, lol! i fall in love every time i see it!!

    that chanel tote is an oldie, from the vintage ligne some 4 or 5 years ago?

  2. jelita78

    that chanel matte gold just killed me!
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the lust!!

    btw, i can’t recall seeing that chanel tote before.. hmm.. can we have a clear front shot of it, please?

    p/s: u look awesome as always! your styles mixtures are chic yet casually stunning!

  3. April

    I hear what you’re saying about “impulse” purchases. I’ve been very guilty of that. I get the item, float around with it for awhile, and then it gets stashed in the closet and I don’t use or wear it. What’s up with that? I really HAD to have it at the time. I don’t know where the disconnect is happening, but there definitely is one. Hummm……..

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