Year 3

As they say, 1 is a lonely number. It’s an odd number, signifying solitude for some and a finish at the top for others. The number almost everyone chases. During the early days of this blog, my solitary goal was to survive the first year without a technical malfunction where I might lose all of my content. I couldn’t wait for the confidence of Year 2.

When the second anniversary rolled around, the technology was no less challenging while writing from the road–I’m still waiting for the day when I can just blink my thoughts and visuals to the screen; no need for a keyboard or digicam! But the birthday present I found in Year 2 was the growing company of all you readers who traipsed across the world with me.

Today marks the start of Year 3 for my blog, and I do not yet know where I’ll be taking you. But I know we’re going somewhere.

What do you say, we add a blue bag for Year 4?


  1. kl

    Congratulations oon your third anniversary. I may be a silent follower but I thoroughly enjoy each and every purchase, travel diary entry and post!
    I look forward to enjoying many more, Larkie
    x KL

  2. larkie

    i’ve been looking at a vintage tiffany blue gator from a reseller, but i’m also quite smitten with a dark navy caviar flap… just trying to figure out which would get the most mileage in the long run!

  3. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Brighter blue or navy? Either way, it’ll be a great Chanel family!

  4. larkie

    thanks Melissa! there’s actually a blue bag i’ve got my eye on but i’ll have to start saving for it!!

  5. Melissa

    A blue sounds fabulous! I love reading your blog!

  6. larkie

    actually, i’d love to find a grey caviar jumbo one of these days!

  7. jelita78

    oh, btw, HAPPY 3RD BLOG B’DAY!!
    THANKS for the all the astounding posts!!
    may there be more fabulous stories to come.

  8. jelita78

    how about a teal?
    or maybe yellow??
    green maybe?

  9. larkie

    speaking of blue, i wonder why i don’t have one yet!! wouldn’t it go with everything denim?!

  10. April

    Yay for you and blue!!


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