Recipe: Bánh Tôm

Are you hungry? Even if I were full, looking at the picture above and thinking about the crispy Vietnamese bánh tôm (sweet potato and shrimp fritter) make my mouth water. Well fret no more, it is actually one of the easiest things in the world to make. I’ve seen more complicated recipes out there, but I’m going to give you …


My Ô Mai

So I’m in Dallas visiting my parents again, and as you all know by now, I get spoiled with food whenever I am home. Love registers most loudly through eating in my parents’ home, and sometimes when I’m really lucky, my trip home coincides with certain fruits in season. The picture above is of the tropical fruit chôm chôm (rambutan), …


My Favorite Gray

Someone told me once that if I liked things in black and white to go into science, and if I had the gumption to work through the grays then stick with the law. Turns out I might have missed my calling in medicine (it would be sooo handy to be able to prescribe botox myself!) and the main thing I’m …

Please Stay Tuned

I’ve not fallen off the face of the Earth. I’m preparing for an upcoming trip so have been a bit nutso with activities. But my goal is to post at least one FIMTSO (wow, remember those episodes?) entry before I hit the road. Please stay tuned and do send me requests for future FIMTSO challenges!


De Haan

So from Blankenberge I hop off at De Haan, which will be my only other stop before heading back to Oostende to catch a late train. Right away I know I’ve come to a fun place because there are pedestrians everywhere. I follow the crowd because based on their clothes and picnic baskets, I figure they are all heading for …