My Favorite Gray

Someone told me once that if I liked things in black and white to go into science, and if I had the gumption to work through the grays then stick with the law. Turns out I might have missed my calling in medicine (it would be sooo handy to be able to prescribe botox myself!) and the main thing I’m practicing most days now is how to defy the laws of gravity.

But from a fashion perspective, I love nothing better than working with the grays. I believe they make the best neutral in a wardrobe because they are shades of shadows, serving as the perfect backdrop to your accent pieces:

Gray is not as severe or arresting as black,

yet it’s more pronounced than the other neutral, the beiges…

It doesn’t steal the thunder from other colors that are used with it…it’s like the perfect political spouse, always appropriate and complementary:

So imagine my thrill when I find nail polishes in shades of gray here in Dallas:

But my favorite gray ever is a different kind of arm candy :D:

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  1. jelita78

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cute kitty kityyy!!!!

    psstt: where’s that pic of the newly painted nails?

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