In Search Of Dead Musicians

So I hop a few trains…

and a tram…

in search of dead musicians at the Zentralfriedhof, or Central Cemetery, in Austria’s Simmering district. In section 32A, I find all my rockstars in their slumber…

including a memorial for Mozart, who was actually buried elsewhere in a mass grave:

My favorite gravesite, though, is this one with a canopy bed–that’s what I call a real resting place!

One bus stop from the Zentralfriedhof is a very cool area called Gasometer City.

Remember a few blog entries ago I showed you this picture I snapped from the train as I entered Vienna?

It turns out that these 4 gasometers, or large gas storage tanks used from 1899 to 1984, have been renovated into residential and commercial space:

Cool concept but it is a virtual ghost town inside on this gloomy, rainy afternoon. Sure wish I could buy one of these gasometers for myself just to store all my shoes and bags :D!


  1. larkie

    Bea, un jour tu vas y aller avec moi! J’aimerais revenir à Vienne… les sachertortes m’attendent :D!

  2. beatrice

    j’adore les photos de Vienne surtout gazomètre et cimetière!!! tu nous invite encore au voyage!!

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