Sugar High

You know how sometimes you wake up and go, eh, where did this potbelly come from? And what’s up with the junk in my trunk? May I submit the evidence…or should I say the crumb trail leading to these self-revelations when the jeans are a bit snug…

But this girl can’t help it. Vienna is full of sweet temptations. Every café that I enter, including the fan favorite Café Central which was once a hangout for the Viennese intellectual/literary crowd in the late 1800s, begs me to order something evil:

I just can’t say no. In fact, on my final day in Vienna, as I take in the last sights of the city…

even till the last second before I get on the train back to Bratislava, I make a pit stop just meters from my platform…

to say a proper goodbye to Anker, my favorite pastry chain in Vienna:

I can’t bear to show you what that last pastry was. Just thinking about it makes me go up one jean size. But anyway, thanks for visiting Vienna with me. On to another capital tomorrow…

And no, I was not drunk in the above photo. Just on a sugar high.


  1. larkie

    i did get some bags but the damage was done in the US while i was on the road!!

  2. jelita78

    oh i love it when u’re on sugar high!!

    and darnniiitttt i sooo envy you!!
    but thank god i’m not there..
    i may need not up by one but double sized jeans!!

    thanks for sharing your fabulous trip with us!!
    so, did u get any new bags? *wink*

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