Hollywood Is Never Too Far

Can anyone please kindly tell me what that means in German? I’m sure it’s not funny at all in German, but string all those words together in English and, well…let’s just say it’s one of the goofier things I spy while walking down the biggest shopping street in Austria, Mariahilferstrasse:

It is also around here that I find one of the most elegant McDonald’s franchises in the world…

as well as a tourist and local favorite joint, Maschu Maschu, touted to have the best falafel in town. And I have to agree since I eat here twice on this trip:

Fueled by chickpeas and hummus, I make my way to Karlskirche, one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen anywhere…

For some reason it makes me think of the Taj Mahal. But anyway, on this day I also get in some major sightseeing around the Hofburg area, which once served as the imperial residence. Today the wings are used as museums, tourist attractions (including the famous Spanish Riding School), libraries, and conference halls:

And no, your eyes do not deceive you–that is a humongous ad on the building with George Clooney. Hollywood is never too far from anywhere…


  1. larkie

    yes, we love “our” George!!

  2. Lisa

    Well, I guess if they HAD to put up a photo of a Hollywood celebrity, they chose very well! 🙂

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