What, Me, A Grandma?

It’s been a while since I wrote about Coco, the stray cat that adopted me as a surrogate feeder. Coco hasn’t stopped by my patio for food in about a week, and I was almost resolved to stop leaving food outside since I didn’t want to encourage the raccoons. But today our paths crossed and I found a very hungry and skinny Coco (the picture you see today is from 2 months ago; she’s a lot thinner now) inhaling the food I put in front of her. I leaned down to pet her and she rolled over. And now, after all these months, I finally know that she is indeed a girl. I know this now because her nipples were bright pink and obvious, which only means one thing. My baby is going to have babies! What, me, a grandma? I’m horrified by the idea because I do not know where she goes after she eats. I do not know if she’s ever safe…what will happen to her litter if I don’t know where she will nest when the time comes for her to deliver?

I suppose if I see kittens on my doorstep I will have to take them to the SPCA, but how soon do I do that? Would I be jeopardizing their health if I took them from their mother too soon? And do I take Coco in to get her spayed, too, assuming she lets me put her in a carrying case? Oy ve! I feel as dumfounded as if I’d found out that my teenaged daughter was preggers. I know, I don’t have any kids but just the idea of it gives me heartburn. I think I need a martini. Or a new bag.


  1. larkie

    susan: lol! i wish there were a bag to cure every anxiety that pops up. i’d have enough bags to open a store!!

  2. larkie

    ^oh thank you for the great advice! i’ve not seen coco since this post, but i know she’s been by since the food does get eaten. we’ve seen coyotes in the hills around us as well, so i am really hoping one of my neighbors or i will find the kittens before some other predator gets to them šŸ™

  3. mtview

    You want to make sure the shelter is a no kill shelter. It is kitten season and all the shelters and rescue groups are full to the max. If the kittens are too young/still nursing, there is a chance that they may get euthanized šŸ™ Kittens can eat on their own starting around 6 weeks old.

    If you can lure Coco into a carrier then definitely get her spayed. You can even contact your local rescue group/shelter and some of them have rental traps. Good luck!

  4. Susan

    Oh Larkie…. you’re adorable! Yeah, a new bag to curb all the anxiety, or rather any anxiety. Er, you sure that will work??

  5. jelita78

    seriously, woman, only u can associate practically anything, with bag!


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