Black Daisies

Summer sales broke on June 2 pretty much nationwide so I’m curious as to what you all have managed to score. This time around I’ve been more selective, not necessarily by choice but by necessity. First, I’m technically still on a shopping ban and second, there’s been very little inventory leading up to sales anyway. So I’ve not too much to offer up to you as eye candy…until this one stray photo texted to my phone from a boutique…

that’s visually stimulating enough to give me goosebumps…

and make me break my ban…

If all I can find to close out the Spring/Summer 2010 season at sale time is this top, then I’m still calling it a memorable one. Black daisies from Karl…that’s right up my alley.

Now if only I can figure out how to wear it!


  1. larkie

    (un)luckily it doesn’t take much for KL to lure me over to the dark side!! mouahahah

  2. jelita78

    oh karl..
    he just doesn’t seem to give up on u, does he?
    always have something to lure u over huh?

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