I’ve called about 15 bookstores and newsstands in the LA area today looking for the June 22 edition of the French newspaper Libération. Karl Lagerfeld is the guest editor, and besides his most likely insane comments, lucky readers also get to enjoy his artwork in this copy. I would love to be one of these lucky readers (collectors). But no luck to be found in my part of the world. Either we don’t read anything but industry rags here or we just don’t care enough about what’s being published in other parts of the world…I don’t know. I just want to find this one copy.

Can anyone help me?


  1. larkie

    thank you so much for checking!! i’ll keep all fingers and toes crossed…my contact in paris couldn’t find it 🙁

  2. Lisa

    My local newsstand (in SF) does receive it occasionally, but not daily. The current issue they have is older, and they don’t know when they will receive their new shipment. It’s all very vague, as you can see, but I will check back with them!

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