Forgive me for a whole week of silence at my blog. It’s a matter of weeks before a long trip so I’ve been a bit tied up with preparations. But even when I’m not writing I’m thinking about how to keep things fun here for you until I’m on the road and photographing the world again. Speaking of the road, a Little Black Dress (LBD) that I’m FITMSOing today is always on my packing list wherever I go. You know it’s the one item that will get you the most mileage out of your closet. Let’s see what I can do with this particular one.

Test Item: Christian Dior black nubby cotton knit A-line dress with spaghetti straps.

Look 1: When you find the dream LBD that both fits you perfectly and is comfortable to wear, you should buy 3 of them. JK. This dress has a very basic cut that will not go out of style. Granted, the knit can be a bit unforgiving if I go off on an M&Ms binge, but it’s black so I’m relatively safe. I don’t really like to fuss too much with an LBD so the most I’ll do is pair it with a pair of fun shoes, like my dark bronze Prada python platform slingbacks.

But if let’s say I’m at the Hollywood Bowl for a summer concert, I like to add a bit of color with a fuchsia silk scarf from JCrew. I may not be able to pull off wearing shocking pink all the time, but I’m all about the bright accessories (but I’d wear black shoes if I have a loud color on top):

Look 2:
Now about fuchsia, I actually took a chance against type by buying this lightweight tweed jacket with detachable camellia pins last summer. I know the color is somewhat trendy but when paired with a classic cut, I think I can wear this jacket now and ten years from now. A subtle LBD that I can wear in Look 1 to a cocktail party makes the perfect silent partner to my office look in Look 2. This is why I usually invest in LBDs that are uncomplicated. The simpler, the better. Black peep-toe pumps are what I’d wear here.

Look 3: Lest you think a classic LBD can only work with “ladylike” looks, how about I take you downtown by throwing a shearling bomber jacket over and a pair of Juicy Couture tall motorcycle boots under it for the cooler days?

I think this Fall I should invest in a pair of tall boots with heels. And preferably a peep-toe. If you run across a pair that fits this description, please drop me a line :-D.


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