I’ve been a big fan of Kidrobot for all its quirky toys from Japan and Europe. Loitering in their stores reminds me of running around Tokyo collecting trinkets/toys from the seemingly endless vending machines. After all, Japan has about 1 vending machine to every 23 people or so according to recent stats.

Tokidoki, which means sometimes in Japanese, is a more recent love for me. It’s a company founded by Simone Legno, an Italian enamored with Japan. His company now collaborates with many other brands to produce toys, jewelry, clothing and trinkets for kids and mostly adults who still think they are kids.

And that’s where I come in. I fell for Tokidoki because of their release of this limited edition Karl Lagerfeld collectible figure:

So imagine my giddy excitement when I saw that the ubiquitous Sephora was bringing a Tokidoki capsule to their stores this summer. There are tank tops, mint tins, and eyeshadow quartets in adorable acrylic cases (I have a thing for boxes and cases):

I’ll have to troll several Sephoras for the makeup bag. They restock most Thursdays and that’s always the first item to get sold out. Guess where I’ll be this Thursday!


  1. larkie

    oh ya, le sport sac always has such cute releases. good thing i didn’t see those. hehe

  2. jelita78

    i have no idea on the tops, but i did went nuts for the tokidoki lesportsac bags and stuffs..

  3. larkie

    yes i have seen those KL-tokidoki tops!! wait till you see the next FWTWYL post 😀

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