FWTWYL: Look 7

For sure I’m no Chanel expert, but every few days or so I’d get an email from (mostly) strangers who ask for my opinion about this label’s bags, RTW, shoes and sometimes even jewelry. I’m happy to oblige, not because I like to dispense advice (no one heeds it anyway!) but because if there were a contest to see who could talk the longest about fashion/Chanel, I’d probably be the last one standing…er, talking.

If I were a more responsible blogger then I’d contribute content of much worthier substance to the blogosphere, but I find it so much more cathartic to dish about…fluff. I enjoy taking photos of the details of a special bag or the buttons on a jacket and showing them to you because I know in some place far, far away a pair of nimble hands put these beautiful things together for our enjoyment, and that should be celebrated.

These designs, beautiful things, were inspired by someone who may very well have walked down some random street that you or I might have droned by on our way to work–but saw something that triggered an idea that became a pattern that begot a sweater. That’s just how the fashion universe works…inspiration leads to work product that drives a billion dollar industry that’s fueled by consumers. And as a consumer, I’m part of that fashion world, if just merely on the receiving end.

Anyway, no idea why I just wrote the above except that it was supposed to introduce the seventh look of the Fifty Ways To Wear Your Lover series. I meant to talk about the celebration of fluff and all the pretty things that make the stresses in life a little more tolerable. Fashion won’t cure cancer but it will put a smile on your lips. And sometimes that’s enough.

Look 7: Chanel 09P heavily braided black sweater, Banana Republic slim capri pants, Manolo Blahnik watersnake  boots, black jumbo caviar classic flap. My mom and I were talking about snakeskin bags yesterday so this look came from that conversation.

There is a tiny silver plaque on the back of the sweater…look closely…do you see a purse? I smile.


  1. larkie

    thanks everyone! it’s one of my fav RTW pieces!!

  2. Mona P

    Your braided sweater looks beautiful!

  3. Quinn

    i love love your braided black sweater!!! you look super cute in that outfit.

  4. jelita78

    there’s an itsy bitsy tiny chanel flap!!
    uberrr cute!!!

    well, hun, i bet karl’s gonna be so proud of u..
    don’t cha just wish he would adopt u into his chanel-kingdom..

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