FWTWYL: Look 2

I can’t promise this particular series will always have exciting photos, but the whole point is to show this iconic bag’s versatility.

So from the dressier Look 1 I’m taking it down a big notch to a very casual day at one of the Clippers’ last games. It was actually all about going to see the Mavs here in LA, and the fan-appreciation-night bobble head doll you see above is of Blake Griffin; the Clippers sure could have used him last night in its massacre by Dallas.

Anyway, I’m wearing the bag with a GAP motorcycle jacket, which I think needs to be softened by a pink cashmere muffler. Under the jacket are a black tshirt and jeans.

BTW, remember that old coin I mentioned a couple of entries ago? Here it is with my me+ro bracelet:


  1. larkie

    lol! it was a freebie to all people who came to the game. if i can find it you are welcome to have mine!!

  2. Sheyi

    And can you get anymore???

  3. Sheyi

    Please!!! Where did you get the Blake Griffin Bobblehead From???

  4. jelita78

    fabulous dear!!
    btw, is that chanel caviar maxi or jumbo with silver or gold hardware?
    sorry, i might have missed out the description..

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