Is The Shoe Department Recession-proof?

It’s tax day here in the US and what better way to diffuse the pain of getting socked by Uncle Sam than a little retail therapy? As expected, very little foot traffic at the stores but tons of customer service. I see lots of fashionistas loitering as opposed to buying; we are all anxious for sale season to start. It looks like the sour economy hasn’t sweetened up any…

…or so I think after walking around my favorite store for an hour, and until I run into a killer pair of Chanel boots that I think would look pretty cool under a few skirts or pairs of pants in my closet:

Before you make any gladiator jokes, let’s just say these hybrid shoe-boots have a way of lengthening the legs and shaping the calves like there’s no tomorrow. This pair is a size 37 and just one half size too big for me. My nice shoe guy is jazzed up about the prospect of pushing a $2100 (no, that’s not a typo) pair of boots but alas, after checking his computer system, tells me they are sold out across the nation in my size. Egad, is the shoe department recession-proof? So much for hoping to score these on sale.

Anyway, he’s locating these Louboutins for me instead…we don’t know if they’ll ever show up given the small inventory buyers are stocking their stores with these days:

NOT that I need more shoes!

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  1. jelita78

    i’m a no shoe girl, nor an expert.. but honestly for me, whatever that gives comfort to my feet and prevented me from walking like a penguin (or crab), i’m as happy as can be! hehe

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