FIMTSO: The Tuxedo Shirt

At last count I have about 9…ok, 12 tuxedo shirts in my closet, so it looks like I’m destined to become a maître d’ or a symphony conductor. Or a female James Bond (though Larkie Bond just doesn’t sound as fab, does it?). Lucky for me, the tuxedo shirt makes its round every few seasons or so and I can sneak it into my outfits as easily as any pleated shirt.

In today’s FIMTSO episode, let’s see how many ways I can disguise an updated tuxedo shirt that’s not meant to be your basic white one.

Test Item: JCrew blue lightweight cotton tuxedo shirt.

Business: I’m playing the blue against a pair of grey linen herringbone cuffed pants and some fun jewelry, all by way of JCrew. BTW, if I loved JCrew before, I LOVE JCrew now because they’ve added a new size to their petite line and I no longer have to get anything altered! Woohoo, no more bubble butt! Sorry, TMI. The shoes are one of my favorite pairs of grey shoes ever by Chanel because of the leather camellia at the front.

Casual: Since it’s warm and all here, I thought why not go outside of my comfort zone and wear shorts. In the event that I might still be considered for the soon-to-be-vacant seat on the Supreme Court (and that’s about as likely as my nomination to succeed Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel), I should never show body parts anywhere on the Internet, but for some reason this shirt wanted to be paired with these Libertine shorts. Let’s pretend I’m 21 and would actually leave the house in this get-up. In hindsight I think a white tux shirt might be cuter with these shorts though.

Play: Here’s the shirt with a pair of velvet theory pants and René Caovilla heels for dinner out. Caovilla makes the BEST dressy heels…works of art!

A couple close-ups of some accessories in this episode:


  1. claud

    Nice outfits. I luv jcrew as well but I can never fit into their bottoms (the smallest size still big for me). I can’t wait to check out the new sizes.

  2. larkie

    hi E! it’s good to hear from you! i was super lucky to score those jcrew pants with the 20% off promo they had on pants with free shipping. finally i have another outlet for pants besides theory!!

  3. larkie

    wendy, OMG ten bags!! i can empathize with the guilt, but i rather like the notion of the friday night ritural! but seriously, i am also trying to cut back on shopping by not lingering too long at tpf due to the endless temptations there!

  4. eileen

    ^^^that was

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Larkie, I missed talking to you! Hey I am so in love with the blue against the grey pants. That’s a lovely combination and aesthetically pleasing to the eye! I am so getting the J Crew pants!!

  6. wendy

    Just wanted to say that I actually have been following your ODJ since it started on TPF but then took a break. I live in Hawaii and started to go to the Chanel store at Ala Moana and bought one, then two and so forth because I kept thinking the prices were going to go up. Also they had nicest SAs and
    it became a friday night ritual. At the end, I must have bought 10 bags and felt guilty so I stopped going to the store and also stopped looking at TPF and your ODJ. I just started to again and have to say that you’re very generous for sharing your ideas and experiences with the different stores and bags. I really enjoy living vicariously through your stories. Thanks again.

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