Inspirations Waiting To Happen

I’m not really a girly-girl but I do have a weakness for baubles and trinkets, especially if they involve pearls or gemstones; my birthstone is a diamond after all. In fact, I like to buy pearls and stones and gold findings because in my little storage cases, they are inspirations waiting to happen…

I’ve been known to tinker with jewelry designs for the days that I can’t sit still (Lord knows there are lots of those days), but just recently I’d “lost” a bunch of necklaces I’d labored over almost two years ago when I visited my sis in NY, before her daughter Lil A came along. I was in a deep funk over this loss and lost all interest in making more jewelry. I’d turned my house upside down looking for the necklaces and even silently blamed the theft on the housekeeper, gardener, UPS guy, moving crew from 4 years ago, you name it I blamed it…sigh. I just couldn’t take responsibility for my own carelessness because it’s not possible for an OCD person to misplace anything.

Anyway, I stopped sketching. Didn’t bother to create anything new for almost a year. It’s not so much that I was that attached to material goods or that my creativity was stunted–I could always make more. But I suppose I was overly-sentimental as those late nights that my sister and I stayed up making jewelry together for ourselves and each other are really special memories for me. And I was just super upset that I had somehow lost the evidence of our time together. I know, such a drama queen, right?

Fast forward to February of this year. I found a box of CDs hiding under my desk–my guess is my furkid knocked it off the table as he’s prone to do when he wants to clear himself a seat near my monitor–and lo and behold there were also all the necklaces inside. Here are a few of them:

I have absolutely no memory of how they got in there in the first place, but then I also have very few memories of shopping excursions and yet my closet is always full!

Energized by this recent turn of events, I am excited to go to the gem show today. It’s open to the public as well as wholesalers about 4 times a year (it’s held in many cities across the country) at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium:

With the recession, there are definitely fewer vendors this time around, but inside the halls I still see brisk business.

It’s a good place to find everything whether you are a DIY person or just a shopper looking for already made jewelry. There are beads and gems of all price ranges. I’ve been to so many of these shows and yet it’s still sensory overload for me.

Most of my pics are of pearls because they are what I usually work with. Too bad I’m not able to score spy pics of the Tahitian pearls as those are usually locked under glass. Anyway, I only do a little bit of damage this time as I’ve still a lot of supplies at home. But at least on this visit I find a new vendor of old coins and this is the pendant I choose, a 1907 Chinese coin:

Let’s hope the window cleaner doesn’t steal this one when I’m not looking.


  1. Julie

    Yay, I’m glad you found the necklaces again!! 🙂

  2. claud

    L` I never take any pictures of them. And always use them to personalized gifts. So, I don’t have any at the moment. Work and school is keeping me very busy. As soon my school semester is over I can make some cards (best therapy for relaxing) 🙂 I’d love to send one your way…I can already think of a nice theme for yours.haha!!

    I only wish you live closer so you can teach me how to make the beautiful jewelry.

  3. larkie

    claud: i’d love to see some of your hand-made cards!!

  4. larkie

    wendy: no kidding! this is both a time-consuming and money-intensive hobby, esp when you dabble in tahitian pearls and real gold. but you know how it goes, once you go the nice stuff it’s hard to go back!

    i agree that sometimes i think the money i’ve spent could have gone to a really nice piece by someone else, but then my mom gets such a kick out of my stuff and i get a real creative high from seeing something made out of my own two hands that i can’t stay away too long from creating things! plus these things that we make are truly one of a kind!!

  5. larkie

    claud: you can google intergem and find more info on their nationwide shows. I’ve also updated today’s entry with a hyperlink to their site.

  6. jelita78

    LOL at the sooo many possible thieves! bwahahaha
    Oh, those were the days.. aren’t we all struck by the beads-virus huh.. hehe..
    Thanks for the reminder.. I think I’m gonna wear my old bracelet to work today .. 😉

  7. claud

    sorry my writing above does not make any sense…what is the name of the gemshow?

  8. claud

    Btw, Larkie did you took a class for this? That is something I’d love to do when I’m free. I’ve crafty hands as well. I luv to make hand made cards but like Wendy says above you can end spending a lot money.

    anyways…you got me interested on this now 🙂 also, where is teh name of gemshow? I’d love to go if they come to my area.

  9. wendy

    I love your creations. I also do wire and stringing to make all kinds of things but then I spend so much money on beads, pearls, etc. that I wonder if I just
    should have bought something instead.
    Anyway, you’re very talented and thanks for sharing.

  10. larkie

    thanks for your compliment!! i usually just make the necklaces or earrings and give them to my mom/friends to wear. maybe one day i could actually turn the hobby into a biz!

  11. claud

    Hi Larkie!

    wow! you are very talented. I’m so glad you were able to find your beautiful & precious creations. I really love your necklaces. I wish I can buy them some where : ) And all those pearls are simply gorgeous. OMG…thanks for sharing!!

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