Brave New World

There’s an astigmatism in my right eye that’s worse than the one in the left, and each year my eye doctor pushes me to try the toric contact lenses to remedy the problem. Each year I give it a good effort but in the end I can’t wear them. This year in particular has been challenging (we are still fighting the good fight against reading glasses!), and only today, after the fourth try at yet another different prescription and brand, I think we’ve finally found me the right non-toric pair.

My vision is not that bad, but the astigmatism hinders me from clarity of details and affects some depth perception, especially at night. Let’s just say you might not want to make me the designated driver at night whether I’ve had too much to drink or none at all. It’s not a serious problem, but I can’t tell you what a difference good vision makes on your confidence in nighttime driving.

After some frustration this morning, my doctor sent me out to–in his words–“the brave new world” to try them out. As soon as I stepped outside, I saw the snow capped mountains way in the distance against the blue, blue sky without having to strain my eyes. I got on the freeway to test the sharpness, and I don’t know if it’s really the new contacts or the rain from the day before that allowed me to see with so much clarity. I think I almost saw Wyoming from California! It is a brave new world and I already feel like a new person…though the real test will be the next time I drive at night.

So…what can possibly beat a new pair of eyes? A new pair of shoes! What did I say about my Louboutin footprint yesterday!


  1. larkie


  2. Jelita78

    Nice one Larkie!
    Trying to divert us from the new shoe purchase!
    Looking sooo innocent with the eye issue..
    Huh,almost fooled me..yup..almost!

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