My Posen Sunday

It’s 8.15am when I get to Target for the Zac Posen release and there’s a small crowd of women grabbing sizes while gabbing on the phone with their less fortunate (if wiser) friends who stayed home. One woman asks me to help her keep an eye out for the navy dress that sold out in 30 seconds; she’d elbowed her way through the pack in front of the store when she got there at 7.45am but wasn’t fast enough to score one in her size.

Secretly I’m glad I missed that mêlée, and I already knew I didn’t want that dress so I zone in on the ones that I loved from the lookbook, with the top look being the lipstick red leather motorcycle jacket. The color is right on in person but I’m somewhat disappointed that the sleeves are suede; but it’s still pretty cute on:

Next are a couple of tops:

This tuxedo bodysuit is actually way cute on! Maybe I can do my own Beyonce Single Ladies video in it :-D. NOT.

I absolutely need NO MORE swimwear, but this molten bronze one-piece is just too hot to pass up:

So that’s my Posen Sunday. Hope yours is as fun!


  1. larkie

    claud: ya, i don’t see any of these sandals at the target here either. i guess i’m too late…but i did find the eugenia kim hats. that’s the problem with target–there’s always something else to get 😀

  2. claud

    I saw them at the Style Watch magazine but i have looked probably at all my targets and not luck 🙁

  3. larkie

    claud: whoaaa nelly! what cv glad sandals! i must have missed the memo on that! rats…back to target i go 😉

  4. claud

    Nice ZAC POSEN buys. I’m trying to track down a pair of Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Wedge Sandals but it seems they are sold out at all my target stores 🙁

    Target is doing really well bringing all this designers to us =)

  5. larkie

    little fish: ya, i thought the quality on this collection was pretty good. the long floral dress that i didn’t post a picture of…its details and cut were quite fantastic. i was impressed!

  6. larkie

    er, shopping ban? oops! lol

  7. mtview

    What happened to your shopping ban?!

  8. little fish

    I am so jealous !! haha everything is beautiful.
    If you dont like the red jacket , sell it to me hahahha

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