My Louboutin Footprint

Today marks Earth Day’s 40th, and I have to ask myself, do we leave a bigger carbon footprint by hoarding stuff like a pack rat or by churning old things out of the closet every season only to buy more? What exactly is the sustainable approach to fashion besides making our own clothes, by hand, by candlelight, out of recyclable materials (btw, why do I always associate going green with a pre-Industrial Age scenario!)?

I’ve just posed a question I can’t answer, but suffice it to say I don’t think recycling unwanted clothes and accessories at the local Goodwill drop-off can offset the rate at which I re-populate my closet. Disposed stuff seems to beget more new stuff, and the cycle is never ending. My closet is a landfill of guilty pleasures, and in another century it might contribute to something really bad to our planet. I don’t know what yet, but I’m always told if it looks this good, it’s not going to end well. And my closet is pretty awesome if I may say so myself :-D.

Anyway, if Earth Day’s motto is to reuse, renew and recycle then I suppose my FIMTSO series is sort of on the right track….I’m…trying.

But I just can’t seem to promise the universe that my Louboutin footprint will shrink any time soon because, well…the Loubs are always so darn pretty, and when you’re standing inside the shoe department surrounded by peep-toes and slingbacks and stilettos and ballerinas screaming “BUY ME” at you, you’re not exactly thinking about saving the environment. You’re still stuck on rationalizing why you have to own more than 20 pairs of shoes. In black.

So much for my Earth Day repentance; it’s more of a confession than an atonement. But in the spirit of using things that are recyclable, today’s pics are of some of my favorite re-usable bags that are meant to replace those disposable plastic bags at the supermarkets. Too bad these bags are so cute I don’t have the heart to use them for my groceries ;-).

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  1. Jelita78

    For a moment there i was about to choke thinking on the fact that u’re gonna make Karl carry the fish and vegetables!!

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