Larkie 0, Volcano 1

So the last 36 hours have been a total scramble for me. I was supposed to have company from Belgium starting today for 2 weeks, but Volcano Eyjafjallajökull sneezed and all my plans disintegrated into ashes. Larkie 0, Volcano 1. At midnight last night I was still on the phone trying to help reschedule flights, and as of this Saturday afternoon in California everything still looks so bad at airports everywhere. We are all going nowhere fast.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed this visit will still happen, but I think Mother Nature is pissed. Earthquakes of huge magnitudes in Haïti then China…merciless flood in Brazil…then now a glacier-topped volcano eruption in Iceland?? Mother Nature just called and she wants her control back.

Have we all done something wrong?

Immediately travelers are hit the hardest by this volcano but I wince just thinking about the ripple effect down the road. Anything of business to personal consequence will be impacted by the grounding of these planes. And the most frustrating part of all is how breathtaking the volcanic eruption looks. Have you seen pictures of the spewing lava? What a wondrous inferno! Even the ash cloud is a magnificent sight to behold.

Anyway, all frustration aside, there’s nothing to do but wait. And wait.

PS: here’s a great article I read about the volcano.


  1. larkie

    humm that’s an interesting challenge. i agree that green is a tough color to wear! i’ll see if i can find something green to FIMTSO 😀

  2. jelita78

    it’s that bad, huh?
    hmm.. well.. since u sound bored, how about lay down another FIMTSO?
    i’m thinking green shirts or blouse or tees.. why? because the fact that i have VERY little green clothes and i always think that it’s impossible to do green unless maybe i’ll be going to some kind of “green-earth-day” events or something.. blahhh..

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