April 18 Is Now And Forever Mother’s Day

Exactly one year ago today I blogged about the arrival of my third niece. She’s since been promoted from the gạo to Lil A, though at the rate she’s growing, she’ll soon be Med A. She’s currently on her world tour and spending our birthday weekend with her maternal grandparents. I won’t get to see her for a bit longer so it will be some time before I can get that shot of us together in our matching Sonia Rykiel…

or Liberty…

or Stella wear:

As such, these pics will have to do for today’s blog until I figure out how to Photoshop us together. I don’t know about you, but I gotta go get me some of that one-year-old skin…and bottle it.

I know Mother’s Day isn’t until May around the world, but in my little universe April 18th is now and forever Mother’s Day. My mom became a mother for the second time when I was born on this day last century, and my little sister followed suit last year with her first child. Coincidentally, my aunt also became a mom on that day when my cousin Steven was born.

I don’t think I’ve ever liked the idea of making a big deal out of my own birthday. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to skip them all and become an adult and rule the world. And learn to drive, wear high heels. Or drive while wearing high heels. If I could age two years at a time, that would have been fine by me. And now that I’ve been out in this world trying not to get ruled by it for more decades than I can even imagine, I wish I could un-age three years at a time–then in a few years I’d be the same age as Lil A and we could go shoe shopping together.

Did someone say shoes?!

Yep, Lil A sure knows how to rock those Stella espadrilles.

I’ve been told I’m not so easy to buy presents for, but I think for this year, I’ll collect it the next time I’m in NY….one big juicy kiss from that lil one. Happy (early) Mother’s Day everyone!


  1. scholastican


    Touching sentiments on motherhood and Mothers day…your niece is absolutely adorable and gorgy!

  2. larkie

    ya, it seems like there are lots of beautiful “mixed” babies everywhere, though all babies are adorable!! can you imagine how different the next generation of Americans will look from the last?

  3. wendy

    Happy birthday! Our family has a lot of April babies though not on the same day. I do have a lot of “hapa” (interracial) nieces and nephews and they look a lot like your niece – so beautiful.

  4. larkie

    thanks everyone for your well wishes!

    and Quinn, yesss! don’t you wish “baby” fat were cute on us adult, too! lol

  5. Quinn

    btw, your niece is sooooo cute! l love the baby fat on her too!

  6. Quinn

    Happy Birthday Larkie!!

  7. Julie

    Happy birthday!!
    Xoxo Lil A

  8. Peter Bui

    Happy Birthday Honey


  9. larkie

    ^ thank you!!!!

  10. jelita78

    may u be blessed with health and wealth!

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