Anonymity Is A Commodity

One of my guilty pleasures besides the Bellini…

is watching reality TV. There’s no better way for me to unwind than to watch someone else’s train wreck of a life. So whether it’s The Real Housewives of OC/NY/etc. or High Society or Project Runway, I’ll tivo it so I can speedwatch it during my downtime. The fast forward button is great not only to bypass commercials but also to zap the boring bits.

Before you question my sanity, I should say that my favorite shows are The Amazing Race, Survivor, and So You Think You Can Dance. The competitor in me thinks I could kick butt on The Amazing Race, but for sure you couldn’t pay me enough to be on any of these other shows (well, maybe I could survive two weeks of Project Runway or Design Star!). I could never understand the obsession with the Warholian 15 minutes of fame. Isn’t privacy much more valuable than any amount of notoriety?

Because once your mug is all over TV and the tabloids, you couldn’t just go out to dinner or the store on a whim and be left alone to do your business in peace. I once ran into Rihanna at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills and saw the look on her face after the paparazzi and fans had made it to the front door. Perhaps someone inside the boutique had tipped them off (pas moi!), but there they were and she was the prize shot they were all hunting. And she knew it. Hers was the same expression you’d see on the face of a gazelle being circled by hungry lions somewhere on the Serengeti plains.

Anyway, are you waiting to see how I’m going to tie all of this together with the photos in today’s blog entry?

These delicious pics are courtesy of Table 10, one of several restaurants from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse who’s had a few reality (well, cooking) shows under his belt. It’s always fun to try out these TV-friendly chefs’ food after seeing their shows. For example, dining at Les Halles was a tad bit more exciting after having followed Tony Bourdain all over the world through his show No Reservations.

It’s great to be able to grab a nice meal with your friends in peace and quiet…to just go through your life without it plastered all over the world without your permission.

So for now, in our media-frenzied culture filled with TMI (and TMZ), I don’t think fame is worth it. Anonymity is a commodity, and I’ve got hours of reality programming on my tivo to prove that.

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  1. jelita78

    sorry dear..
    this time i have absolutely no idea of what u were babbling about!
    the food took my attention away.. and saliva too..

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