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I finally got around to watching the movie Julie and Julia that my friends highly recommended to me as it’s about a blogger who has this love affair with cooking, Julia Child, and writing. About 30 minutes into the movie, I began to understand why they had clamored for me to see it. Substitute cooking and Julia Child with fashion/travel and Coco Chanel and voilà, that’s more or less me.

In the movie the protagonist challenges herself to blogging about one year of cooking all 524 of Julia Child’s recipes. I’d started something similar at the Purse Forum a couple of years ago with the ODJ (Outfit Du Jour) Challenge–some of the results are evidenced in my ODJ link at this blog–where I wanted to see if I could wear one Chanel item with every outfit each day without repeating the item from the day before. I’ve lost count of how many days I reached on this challenge, but let’s just say the idea was just as madcap. And ultimately, as in the movie, the challenge took on a life of its own. Strangers cheered me on and a few even schooled me. Then some became friends, a few I’ve had the pleasure to meet and others I’ve gotten to know better online than the people I see every day.

No, I did not get a book deal like in the movie for my efforts, but I did get to meet people from all over the world who share my obsession with Coco couture and/or visiting the world at large. Who else but you would enjoy seeing pictures of my bags as much as I do!

Anyway, what got me to writing all this today is that I was thinking about a new series called Fifty Ways To Wear Your Lover (I must say FWTWYL is nowhere as catchy as FIMTSO though) because of two things. I’d just caught an old rerun of the SATC episode in which Carrie Bradshaw said hello lover to a pair of shoes and then I heard that song Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover at my doctor’s office. And it occurred to me that I should see if I could feature fifty ways to wear the classic black flap. How’s that for an homage to one of the world’s most iconic fashion items!

So until I get back to blogging from the road, I’ll be juggling a couple of series around here to keep things interesting. For you non-fashionistas, I promise to also talk about food and events as they unfold.

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  1. jelita78

    oh finalllyyyyyy now i know whats ODJ means!
    hahaha.. sorry.. i’m sooo slow!

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