Revenge Of The Runt, Part 2

What were you doing at 8.30 this morning? Me, I was sneaking out to one of the few Gapkids in my area that had the Stella McCartney spring capsule. Remember the Fall collection that had me bananas over the band jacket? Well, I was going to be more prepared this time around, so when the store confirmed last night that they’d open at 9am today, I thought I’d get to Old Town Pasadena early enough in case there was a crowd.

There wasn’t. So I went and filled the gas tank, drove back to Old Town to park, and even had 15 minutes left to spare. Hence, I went and filled my own tank:

The weather had turned from sunny 80s yesterday to overcast 60s this morning, and by the time I got to the front door by 8:58, it was misting. I hope my cold won’t come back! Open, open, open.

I’m the first and only customer in the store. Yipeee. The best part about this is that the sales staff is super helpful when you are the only person there! I already had a mental list from checking the online store earlier this morning, so it was stress-free shopping. Unfortunately this store didn’t get the entire collection. The crochet items are WAY cute but everything seems to be cut on the smaller side this time around.

I was feeling brazen this time around so there was no walk of shame to the kids’ dressing room….

Too bad most things are running way too short or tight. So these are the only things that made the final cut for me–BTW all of these items are in size XXL.

I’d prefer to find that poncho in blue as I’m not sure I want to look like a pumpkin. This store will email me when more stuff arrives…oh Stella, why won’t you release a collection for us adults?!


  1. larkie

    little fish: lol! i love those tops!!

  2. little fish

    Hi Larkie,
    after reading your post abt Stella’s , I went and bought myself a horse top too XXL ! hahahah
    too bad they dont have the poncho in Malaysia here. I love yours !

  3. larkie

    susan: yes, we say humoring here, too, but american english is spelled differently than your british english in singapore (i LOVE singapore btw):D

  4. larkie

    jelita78: i’d rather be 5’8″ than fit into children’s clothes any old day haha. you know what they say about the grass being greener…

  5. Susan

    Yikes… Larkie, you scored well! I particularly love you in the peach tank top and cardigan and I the best is the one of you in the ‘Pumpkin’ poncho!!! Wish we have these in Singapore. Oh, btw, thanks for humouring me (is that how they say it?) by wearing the outfits. Action pics speaks volume!

  6. jelita78

    now i wish i was your size!

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