Who’s With Me

The piggies have landed! There are actually 4 designs, and the black/white one is my favorite from the online pictures. However, I was only able to score these guys, but now that I have them next to my watering can and potters, I think these pigs were meant to be!

And as I’m a glutton for all things Liberty (oink), I also have to ‘fess up to getting these for my kitchen…

and this top for the days I want to dress like a 9-year-old or just want to match the porcelain bowls…

It looks like the shopping ban isn’t going very well. But in my defense, that top from the little girls department was only $9.99 so that shouldn’t really count at all. That’s like a couple of runs to Starbucks for you non-shopaholics. Who’s with me on this rationalization!

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  1. jelita78

    u know..
    this is not that bad after all..
    i can picture you doing gardening with all those cute stuffs and floral tops and drinking tea from matching cups/ pots..
    i mean, yeah, with that overflowing of gardening supplies, u should have no problem at all starting up a floral shop!
    thee hee heee….

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