Sneezing And Wheezing

My friends in Europe have been telling me about the recent freezing weather they’re experiencing. I try to be supportive by not telling them that it will hit a balmy 75F by this weekend. We may even see 80s next week. But if it’s of any consolation to any of you who are trudging through snow and rain, an early Spring for us Los Angelenos also means an early allergies season.

So while sneezing and wheezing my way through this morning’s work, I took a break by viewing the Paris fashion shows courtesy of the good folks at Chanel seems to have a lot of heavier and fur-centric pieces for the fall 2010 RTW collection so I’m not sure how all that will translate for us warm weather customers over here. But already I spy some brown tweed jackets that would surely look gorgeous with my matte gold and bronze 2.55 flaps! Clearly the buttons from this collection will be incredible as usual. I desperately love this cool leather  jacket assuming it isn’t attached to the fur “skirt.”

Then I clicked over to the McQueen collection, which is outstanding like always but so bittersweet this time around. If I could, in my next life I’d like to come back as a 5’11” Russian Amazonian so I can rock Look 4. Plus I’d be able to speak Russian!

The Prada collection shown last week also turned up some wearable items but I try not to get so attached to these images early on as some pieces never make it to the selling floor. So I’ll wait to see what shows up in my favorite stores. Is there a better job than buyer for a high end store? I must have missed my calling.

Anyway, back to work for me. Just thought I’d pop in and mention how excited I am for the fall looks already, and here we are just barely leaving winter! But that’s part of the fun of fashion, always something new to look forward to. Have you seen anything at the virtual shows that have caught your eye?

BTW, next week I will be writing from the road again, so hopefully I haven’t lost some of you from all this recent fashion talk!

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  1. jelita78

    your topic and pictures are soooo deceiving!
    i was worried that u might sneeze on those metallic flaps! hahaha..

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