JPG Chez Target

The buzz about JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier) chez Target started last year but the collaboration collection did not arrive at this mass retailer till March 7. I was definitely more excited about this designer than Sonia Rykiel mainly because I have been buying JPG for a very long time. His meshy, soft polyamide fabric is a dream to pack for (tropical) trips. It weighs nothing and can be rolled up into a tiny ball. Once you get to the hotel, hang it up behind the bathroom door. The steam from your shower will get all the wrinkles out in time for Mai Tais on the lanai. And the bold prints (that Gaultier is famous for) on your dress just seem to make more sense when there are waves rolling behind you. Don’t you always have a travel scenario for every item in your closet, too?

But anyway, I was really hoping that quality would not be forsaken for price, and when I finally got to the first store, I was pleasantly surprised by some if not all of the pieces. I’d seen the nautical themed pieces–which EVERYONE and their grandmother are doing right now–in press releases, but up close I thought the fabric was decent and I particularly liked the laser cut details:

This asymmetrical navy striped top was also cute:

I tried on all of the other tops and a few (age inappropriate) dresses, but in the end I loved most the tattoo-print pieces in that mesh nylon that will be great as layering pieces:

The fabric for Target is definitely inferior to the one he uses in his own collection–the close up shots here are of my dress from his main line and then of the shirt from Target and you can’t tell the difference with the naked eye until you touch them both–

but all of his prints here are just as whimsical. Where else can you find this funky print with insects on swimwear? And at this price point (under $20 for the top or bottom), how can I resist?

I can smell that sun lotion already. I’d better go do more core exercises though before I can leave the house in that.


  1. larkie

    oh no! i thought all target stores were getting JPG. did you try ordering online?

  2. claud

    went to my target store yesterday and guess what?…they are not going to carry the JPG collection 🙁

  3. claud

    WoW! nice collections. I can’t wait to check it out at my target. I hope they have it by now…

  4. larkie

    ya i feel like i should get on a Harley in my tattoo top!

  5. jelita78

    the prints are sooo funky..

    oh that tattoo top looks almost scary! hahaha

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