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So this affair I’m having with Target is not quite over yet, because as soon as the excitement over the JPG collection dies down for me, the store releases its collaboration with Liberty of London. If you are a textile fanatic (like me), you would know the happy-mad world of Liberty, where all kinds of whimsical prints can be found. When paired with a mass retailer like Target, Liberty’s funtastical art can be slapped on all kinds of things, from dresses to accessories to teapots to flip flops.

When I wandered into a Target yesterday looking for allergies relief (btw this allergies season is already feeling like the worst one for me) I had just managed to score a few items. I’m going back later today once I’m out of my fog to see if I can’t find all the things on my wish list!

So here are some cute prints I found yesterday–the sundresses are actually in girls’ sizes…will look in the adult section today:

The first pic in today’s entry is of a cotton sateen floppy hat in the lovely b/w print that’s repeated in tons of things, including this cotton wrap:

And I simply adore these note cards:

Do people not write anymore? I’m just as guilty since I’m much better at emails, but once in a while I like sending handwritten notes just because–no surprise–I’m a terrible hoarder of stationery:

Anyway, will be back with more pics after my next outing!


  1. larkie

    Claudia: try to go to an obscure target that has little traffic! the ones near me had their inventory wiped out by sunday. i couldn’t find the piggy bank wahhh. lol.

  2. Claudia

    L~Very nice! I hope my target starts carrying this brand as well. Otherwise I have to shop online but I prefer to buy at the store. xoxo

  3. larkie


  4. Jelita78

    Ohhhh larkieee!!!
    Don’t go near the fabrics!!
    Darnn!! We’ll never gonna be on ban,now!

    Oh,btw,u can write to me..
    I’ll frame your card and hang it on the wall!

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