Dressing Without Fabulousness


My coughing is not quite under control yet, but if I don’t speak a lot or do jumping jacks, I can stifle the coughs as they rise up in my throat.  And, thank goodness, I no longer sound like a woman who’s had ten cigarettes and one whiskey too many. All I need is to take the rest of my medication and get in some power naps before landing on that other continent Thursday morning their local time.

I’ve scheduled some fun content at my blog for the days that I’m in transit, so check back tomorrow and feel free to leave me comments. I may think I know what I’m doing, but when on the road, it’s real easy to be a Glamour don’t.  Here’s hoping I don’t cause an international incident and land in fashion jail for DWF (Dressing Without Fabulousness). I don’t think there’s any bail for that 🙂 .


  1. larkie

    Hi Q! that’s actually my passport cover. The murakami agenda that i have, which matches the coin purse you see in this picture, is the smaller size with 6 rings. i do use it a lot to record things, esp when i’m on the road. i still prefer to record things in an agenda than on my PDA!

  2. Quinn

    Hi L, your LV agenda is so adorable. May I ask what size is that? And do you use it a lot? I am thinking of getting one soon.

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