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I had my packing list prepared a month ago but can’t really finalize any packing until just hours before departure because the weather can still turn on me. I’m hitting two different weather zones this time around so it’s been about finding pieces that I can layer and remove as necessary.  My wardrobe centers around one of the two bags you see above. I think.  I know, if you have vivid dreams about fashion while asleep or wide awake, keep reading. However, if your eyes are glazing over already, I’ll have to warn you it’s all fashion talk today.

So I’ve been wrestling with this terrible cough/cold/pseudo-flu for a few days now, and this morning I go to Target to get more cough drops and household stuff.  And let me tell ya, it’s tough to go into any crowded public place when you are under the weather.  But out of the corner of my eye I spy a super cute tshirt (hey, I can be at death’s door and still have the shopping radars on at full blast)…


and upon inspection I see that it’s a trompe l’oeil lace tee with a black bow pin. So cute. And it’s Rodarte for Target! This special collaboration is supposed to be in stores on December 20th, but the one near me is already racking the items as of this morning.  I snag the XS and comb through the other pieces still in plastic. I almost want to offer my services of unpacking the merchandise for them, but I think they might call security because I’m coughing up a lung from excitement.

Anyway, did I mention that it’s quite chilly here? We’re only in the 60s today and the cold is not making me recover any more quickly. So what’s a sick girl to do? Score a white Rodarte bikini of course.


I could wear it under my CHANEL butterfly sleeve swimsuit coverup while lounging by the pool… OK whose fantasy is that? I shun the sun like a vampire and that coverup is used as a tunic where no sun is involved.

Anyway, at these prices, it’s guilt-free shopping.  I’ve had some luck when Libertine then Thakoon released their designs at Target, and Rodarte is looking promising.  If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll hit a few more Targets and see if I can’t view the entire collection before I leave town on Wednesday.  This is just what the doctor ordered. Doctor Larkie, that is.


  1. larkie

    ya, i wear XS usually. i saw the dress that looks like my tshirt and thought it was pretty cute! i’m glad you were able to score the GAP band jacket! it’s awfully cute 🙂

  2. mscawaii

    Hi Larkie,

    Love your Target top! It’s really cute! Do u normally wear XS for Target? I’m thinking of getting the lace/tulle dress… But unsure about sizing though… From what I gather from your blog, I think we are about the same size :p

    I did get my band jkt from Gap in XL and got my tailor to let out the seams. It fits perfectly now! 🙂

  3. Quinn

    I absolutely love love your finds at Target. You have such an amazing eye for things. Thanks for sharing. I love your bags too. Please email me if you see any camera bag with gold hardware on sale. Thanks in advance.

  4. larkie

    Check out the Targets in Southern Cal–I’m not sure that they’re all stocking them yet though. Their online store doesn’t have it up yet.

  5. angela

    OMG, i can’t believe that your Target already stocked these!! Where do you live?

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