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It always starts with a bag. Another bag, then shoes. And the rest of my travel wardrobe follows rather easily. I pick things that can be versatile enough on the road to accommodate the predictably unpredictable weather mishaps, impromptu dinner parties, last minute business meetings, and off-road weekends.  You’d think I’d need 3 bags and 10 pairs of shoes for 5 weeks on the road, but my rule of thumb limits me to 2 bags (one big, one small) and 4 pairs of shoes (flats, heels, sneakers, and boots). A pair of flip flops doesn’t count because that’s always pre-packed in my suitcase–you never know when you might go swimming.  Wait a minute, back up there missy, you say. Don’t try to distract me with all those numbers…aren’t there actually 3 bags in that first pic? Oh! Did I forget to say along with the flip flops my luggage also always comes with a workhorse bag? You know, a bag that can take all the abuse on the road.

The colors of the shoes and clothes generally revolve around the 2, ahem, 3 bags selected. In general, black is my travel uniform of choice but sometimes the location is so exotic I have these vignettes in my head that dictate more colorful or, worse, simply impractical outfits.  Most of the time the latter never makes it out of the hotel room because, for example, the I-think-I-might-have-with-James-Bond-in-Mumbai-to-exchange-highly-sensitive-information-to-save-the-world-and-requires-me-to-pack- my-Le-Smoking-tuxedo-jacket cocktail never actually materializes. Imagine that! But alas the jacket is the suitcase. But what’s a girl to do? Half of the thrill of fashion is in the fantasies in our heads when we are in our closets…right? OK, OK, perhaps my imagination is a bit much.

I will begin this trip overseas with a tough series of flights over the next couple of days, and during the first part of my travel I will be somewhat unplugged. I’m doubtful that I will have much access to the internet so what I’d like to do for the next 7 days is to schedule a look per day of items I’ve packed in my suitcases. Then once I’m back online from the road, we’ll see how it all works out in real life, in the actual setting. I’m sure I’ll have to change things up once I hit the ground but for now, these are looks floating around in my head as I pack.  Sounds good?

So anyway, as you review the first look, I’m probably somewhere in the skies daydreaming about navigating the narrow alleys of a spice market labyrinth in my favorite Missoni caftan.

Look 1. Jean Paul Gaultier geometric top, Chanel camellia sandals, black large camera bag.


  1. Black is the New Black

    thanks so much – such a big fan of your blog ; )

    updated post is up – let me know if you’d like anything changed.

    Also, I’m doing a series of blogger style profiles – short interviews on personal style. Would love to include you if you’re interested! If you’d like more info, shoot me an email at thenewblackisblack@gmail.com and I can send you the template.

    Thanks again!

  2. larkie

    oh that would be fab! love your blog–i’ll add it to my blog roll!!

  3. Black is the New Black

    Hi Larkie, I’m doing a post on this style of sandals and wanted to see if I could re-post the above photo (with your permission – I could add your logo/link it to your site of course). Thanks!

  4. larkie

    my workhorse is actually the Balenciaga Day bag you see to the far right in the charbon color. Though after dragging myself through airports today I feel like the large camera case is the perfect workhorse–only I have to baby it a bit more than with the Bal bag!

  5. Quinn

    Hi L, I was wondering what would your workhorse bag be? Is it your large camera case?


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