Cactus Gardens


There’s something very zen about cactus gardens,


and you can find them all over Phoenix. The above gardens are in front of the Paradise Valley post office near my hotel, and they are as prevalent in this town as Native American art:


All around Paradise Valley there are lovely homes surrounded by endless permutations of cactus arrangements:


Is it me or do some of the cacti seem to be giving me the finger after a while?


By the way a few weeks ago the founder of Sonic passed away (and if you grew up in Dallas you’d know that there’s a Sonic on practically every other block) so I thought it was fitting that I’d pay tribute to him by having a strawberry limeade at one of his joints.  This one in Phoenix does not have the iconic drive-in windows but its dine-in area is rather funny, with a red phone on each table for you to place your order:


Here’s to you, Troy Smith Sr!


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