Beyond Infinity


It’s not really possible to determine where Prague Castle begins or ends; it is considered one of the biggest in the world.  This sprawling 70,000 m² castle compound consists of palaces, ecclesiastical structures, gardens, galleries, riding centers, and other buildings dating back to the 10th century.  It’s not until I examine the map a few days later do I realize that when I thought I was lost, I was already on castle grounds.  Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as I’d mentioned before, it embraces all kinds of architectural styles since the construction of the complex spanned several centuries.


Right in front of these big gates to the First Courtyard, where the hourly changing of the guard takes place,


there is a huge intersection where people gather to observe, eat, drink, or just somehow manage to not get separated from their tour group.


In fact, people linger here, at the top of the hill, because the view is just beyond infinity…


But I’m anxious to go inside the gate,


past the courtyard then through another gate,


only to encounter an even larger courtyard,


over which the spires of St. Vitus Cathedral loom magnificently:


Prague isn’t called the city of a hundred spires for nothing! But I’ll leave St. Vitus for another entry because it’s so special. Anyway, the tourist information office is here in this main courtyard and you can buy a ticket for a short or long tour. I opt for the long tour because the ticket is good for 48 hours and I already know I’ll need a second day here to even make a dent.  In hindsight, if you are not a museum-friendly kind of tourist, buy the short tour instead and spend more time outdoors.

I’ll take you through some of the stops on my long tour tomorrow, and we will start here…


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