I feel like I’ve been dragging you through Prague forever now, but we’re not done yet.  Today I’m just going to post some pics of the castle grounds as I follow the sights on the “long tour” route, which includes the Old Royal Palace with its gorgeous balcony,

the permanent collection of the Story of Prague, where I’m not allowed to take any interior photos…

St. George’s Basilica,

the National Gallery,

Golden Lane–a tiny alley of miniature houses, now tourist trap shops, that writer Franz Kafka once lived in:

and Powder Tower.  Sometimes the scenery around these structures is more captivating than anything you can find indoors:

Looks like I’m coming back to see St. Vitus Cathedral the next day because by the time I reach its door at 6pm it is closed.  I wonder if I can still make it to see Barbie though…Barbie?


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