Squint Real Hard


I’ll admit it, it’s a little daunting to see the busy, uphill paths that await me once the Charles Bridge is behind me…


But interestingly enough, the heat and crowd that defeated me yesterday now buoy me.  There’s a great sense of unspoken camaraderie among tourists experiencing Prague for the first time.   We’re all suffering through the heat and hills en masse but also sharing in the wonderment of it all at the same time.  The Hradčany or Castle District/Quarter is a hilly, beautiful area…


sprinkled with embassies,


government offices,






and churches…


But of course, we are all here to see the Prague Castle.  It’s supposedly so prominent and large that you could probably see it from space (if you squint real hard); you really can’t miss it. I’m here to tell you I missed it.  All those pictures you see above were taken during the 80 minutes or so of getting lost in this district. When I ask the local merchants for directions to the castle, they look at me as if I’m asking them to help me find my nose. Sigh.

But it’s ok, it’s a real treat to get lost on these grounds, near a vineyard where panoramic views of the city can be enjoyed  for as long as my patience allows:


Right by the above precipice is a garden of pear trees, across from a hillside vineyard. It’s here that I find an Italian family doubling over with laughter. The grandfather and his granddaughter are picking pears from the trees while being boisterously coached by the other family members. We take each other’s pictures and turns at the picking:


I forget to ask if they know where the castle is because I’m still giggling over this:


But finally, finally, finally, just up this last hill,


Prague Castle is within reach…meet you there tomorrow!


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