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So I connect through Austin on my way back to LA from Dallas.  While I’m waiting for my first outbound flight at DFW, there’s suddenly loud applause all around. I look up and see a stream of soldiers coming out of two different gates. Young, older, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female–they all walk out in their fatigues, a bit (but pleasantly) sheepish from the cheers.  This is the face of America. I’m happy they are coming home, walking on their own two feet.

My flight into Austin is late due to rain but luckily the airport is tiny and my plane to LA is also late. I make my connection without too much effort. The picture taken above is of one of my favorite traveling companions, the mute kind.  You know how it is, as much as I enjoy interesting conversations with strangers on the plane, sometimes I just want that down time alone to read or clear my head.  The flight is empty, for a change, so I have unobstructed views to my left and my right. And as there’s no one blocking my view ahead, I get a glimpse of the blue sky when the cockpit door opens and I wish I had learned how to fly.  Is there anything cooler than the view pilots get to enjoy on the job? Well, you might say yes if you happen to be an astronaut.

See you back in LA.

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  1. Sabrina

    As the Marines say, Hoo-Rah for our soldiers!!!

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