Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!


You can always tell it’s sale season at my house by the pile of carton boxes building up outside my door. Apparently while I was in Dallas the sales associates from my favorite stores have been busy sending me things in my size just in case they might fit. So on my first full day back I have been opening box after box after box. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I’m pooped after the fifth box but I thought I’d post some photos here as eye candy for you fellow shoe lovers. 


Did I say I have a thing for exotic skins…and Prada in general for this spring season? Well, I do!


I’m fully aware that it doesn’t make sense to repeat style each collection, but when you are height-challenged like me, skyscraper platform sandals are your best friends. They add the perfect oomph to an elegant silhouette of slim pants or a subtle pencil skirt.  However, I do worry about breaking my neck while teetering in them. Will I be able to walk at my rapid pace on these stilts? Anyway, I’m not sure which pair will make the final cut because even at the tempting 50-60% off retail prices, how many more pairs of shoes can my bulging closet handle?  


Well, maybe just one more…


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