Texas Triumvirate


Today is my second Sunday in Dallas on this trip and it’s totally different from the last one. This afternoon I’m hanging out with my sister-in-law T and her three girls at a pottery art studio in Plano called Art & Soul:


I’d give this place a little plug but they don’t want photos taken of the studio so the first pic is of the tile that I hand painted. It will be glazed and fired this week and when it’s done, I will post a pic of the finished product. It’s been ages since I’ve done any ceramics work, and I wonder why I ever stopped. Looking at my work you think I should stop, but it is a lot of fun. Whenever I get into any kind of art studio I feel grounded. In a good way.

Being the middle of 3 girls myself, I always have a soft spot for any trinity of sisters. Three is the ideal odd number to break ties. And when you fight with one sister you still have another to campaign to side with you. Here is the Texas triumvirate I got to enjoy today at craft time…


and then at dinner…


But my favorite all time moment of this Sunday? Catching K-bear with her dad S:


  1. larkie

    aw thanks E & K! i’m all about girl power 😀

  2. karen

    the girls are just tooo precious !!! I love girls !
    u are very crafty Larkie !! Love the tile you designed !

  3. eileen

    Hello Larkie! We missed yr ODJs at TPF!!!

    Your nieces are sooo adorable…they must be keeping you entertained in Dallas! My dad has 4 daughters so I know how fun it can be to hang out together…lol

    Take care!

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