Road Trip: Zion National Park

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Have you ever found yourself halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge and wondered how it got there? I had the exact same question in my head this morning as we drove through yet another mountain range. What did it take to get these roads planned and then constructed? And moreover, how did we get to the point where we just hop in our car and assume that there would be a paved road taking us to our destination?

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And yet, here we are…at the Zion National Park, on our way back toward the west. This park offers numerous trails of varying degrees of difficulty and duration.

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We choose a quick and easy one so that all four of us could participate. And by easy I mean it was still a hustle up and down inclines in warm weather. At higher elevation than we are all used to, it was a robust walk.

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But what a magnificent way to start our morning! My mom always tells me to try meditation to harness some of my restless energy, so I gave it a shot here…

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and failed again after a few seconds…

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But can you blame me? How can I sit still and meditate when there are so many photo opps like this triptych…

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See you in the next stop!


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