Chanelapalooza: The 2015 Spring Review

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So let’s take a break from nature and do a recap of my 2015 Spring/Summer haul. If you are my longtime reader, you know that I gave up all other designers a few years ago in order to focus on my Chanel RTW collection. It’s not just for Lent, but for like…forever. Well, until it stops being fun.


And what a fun season it has been! From the spectacular Paris-Dubai resort collection to the wonderfully practical pre-collection to the whimsical “Protest” spring collection, I was overwhelmed by choices. And paralyzed by the sticker shock! But methodically I whittled my wish list down to a somewhat tolerable buy list and proceeded with caution.


The pieces that required a fast decision turned out to be correct, as my size immediately sold out early in the season, and I made those my big splurge for the season. The rest I took a chance during sales and my hunch paid off.

IMG_7528 (916x1280)

IMG_7563 (2) (964x1280)

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Did I already say that there were some very practical buys this Spring season? I am in pants about 90% of the time, but I have a soft spot for Chanel dresses. Unfortunately for the most part it is an unrequited love affair–I love them, but they are often too short, too fancy, or too short. And too short. So when the right silhouette and tweed and length come together, I allow my inner Imelda Marcos to do her thing…

IMG_7142 (1280x1280)

¡Ay, caramba!

So it may not seem like it, but there is some method to my madness in buying for each season. I think about what’s already in my closet that would layer well or complement the new buy:

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Or I visualize the jacket or dress with an existing bag…


IMG_7219 (1280x1280)

and when things work out like a charm, I know my madness is a skill set!

Yes, there were many items that I had to leave behind in rounding out my final list, but sometimes you just have to stop the madness, as my sister would say to me. The next season is around the corner, so it’s time to move on and build that wish list for the winter Chanelapalooza! But until that next review, let me end with a picture of my shoe sale loot. Apparently I do allow myself to dabble in other designers when it comes to footwear 😀 !

IMG_7423 (1280x1046)

But we all know where my heart is, right?

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  1. Ava Lon

    Hi Larkie,

    Long time reader, first time commenter 🙂

    I love your blog and I especially love when you write about and post images of your newest “family members” – lol, to your existing Chanel and HOP family. Those sandals…swoon! If only I had tiny, perfect little feet I would have indulged but alas, no. I particularly love the tweed-trinity dresses you chose – excellent colors for you and lovely fit.

    I first found about your wonderful blog via the absolutely brilliant featherfactor (Katherine) and am so glad I did! You two have great taste and style!

    I was curious though, I recall reading how you knew how to sew – have you ever considered taking in any of the Chanel items yourself (just as a “let me try this”-kind-of-prjoect)? I am guessing no but since you seem to have such an adventurous spirit with all your travels I wouldn’t be surprised if you did and could do so very well!

    Thanks for the great posts on C and H – my two weaknesses as well!

    Another thing I was curious about – are you equally as loyal to both of the brands beauty and bath lines or do you stray to another brand for those?


  2. Jennifer


    Loving those sandals and the pretty polish to go with them!

  3. irene

    Stunning especially all your to die for RTW

  4. larkie

    thank you so much Lady Sarah!!

  5. lady sarah in london

    Your CHANEL collection is enviable! And you wear it well, every piece looks beautiful on you . X

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