Downtown Girl

It should be no surprise to you that I am back on the road. The last photo of the suitcases in my last entry should have been a dead giveaway. What I failed to mention, though, was that I actually ended up with three pairs of striped sneakers: two from the Missoni x Converse collab and another slip-on pair from Vans that just happens to have the zigzags. Let’s see if I manage to tie today’s opening photo to the last photo in this entry!

I’ve been to NYC enough times to now have routines each time I go there. And after this particular trip, I now have a hairdresser I can add to my routine. It’s a bit drastic to go cross-country for a good hair coloring, but I think it’s no coincidence that his salon is in Soho. As much as I enjoy discovering all the neighborhoods in NY, I’ve always felt that I would be a downtown girl if I lived in Manhattan.

I would haunt the Hermes boutique down here on Wall Street…

maneuver these sidewalks on my way to work each morning…

make these institutions my neighbors…

and order Moules-frites from this Les Halles location at least once a week…

So yeah, I’m talking Lower Manhattan. Wayyy downtown. Far from the more heavily touristy areas. But in NYC, it’s rather hard to escape the tourists. I had to run out very early to get a clear shot of the Charging Bull (aka Wall Street Bull or Bowling Green Bull) without huge crowds around it:

But NYC would not be the same without the teeming crowds and their collective human energy.


  1. little luxury list

    As a native New Yorker, I think I took the energy of the city for granted. It is wonderful to come back and feel the almost tangible force when I am back. You took some great pictures with the bull. It is really hard to get a few pictures without other people poking around!
    Ooh and I love the chevron patterned Vans!

  2. larkie

    hi Sarah! my cats are pretty good on their own for about 5-7 days. Anything longer than that I have a cat sitter who comes to check in on them!

  3. Sarah

    Love Manhattan. Haven’t visited NY for years and kind of miss it. Brilliant post thank ypu! Btw who looks after your cats when you travel? My cat is a major obstacle to my travel plans.

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