Converse x Missoni

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you’d know that I basically live in my leather Converse sneakers when I’m visiting a new city, especially if there’s a lot of walking involved on a given day. You’d also know that I have a thing for designer collaborations and a soft spot for all things Missoni. So when Converse and Missoni decided to team up for a collaboration (currently available at Nordstrom), you’d think I would have been all over that, right? Well, errr, no. I did not get that memo.

It was purely by chance that a friend and I bumped into this display when we went to grab a quick lunch at the store:

I was gobsmacked! Zigzags in so many fun colorways as a low-top and a high-top:

But obviously I had to have these…

to go with my luggage, right?! Who doesn’t match shoes with luggage?

Remember that epic Missoni/Target collaboration? Sigh…sure wish I had bought another set of luggage as a backup.

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  1. Sarah

    Ha ha! Love this! Who doesn’t match their shoes to their luggage indeed!

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