Runway to Reality

I’m officially banned from looking at any more texts or emails from my sales associates. But this morning, a very clever person texted me a video of a sale jacket so I can better see it in motion. And as I said all those years ago when I first found out what the Internet was, technology will be the death of me! So with fashion and sales season still on my brain, today’s entry will include some “Runway to Reality” pics of some pieces I have not yet posted.

This is that 14P navy dress with a matching cutout jacket in the same tweed but in black (Karl always loves mixing black and blue!):

One of my favorite tweeds from this season was this navy blend done in an interesting tiered dress:

BTW, if you want a massive inferiority complex, do a collage of yourself against a stick-thin Glamazon half your age. But these photos are a good reality check for me to see how something should be fitted. And anyway, when I was in my early 20s I could not afford to buy Chanel. Isn’t that always how the universe works?

I can’t find a runway photo of this jacket, so here it is as displayed on a six foot tall mannequin…

and then on me, a good 9 inches shorter…

Out of all the photos I’ve posted in the last few entries and today’s, my favorite two items were actually not featured. I’ll save them for the next episodes of The Chanel Jacket Diaries :D.


  1. larkie

    hi Irene, thanks for your support! i need all the reality check i can get, though, as i know the danger of the “emperor with no clothes on” mentality when it comes to chanel sometimes….

  2. larkie

    hi Maria, my heart always skips a beat when I get hot tips on a bag!! but the one in your link is for the “white” Himalayan and I’m trolling for the grey version. btw, i finally saw this white Himalayan with my own two eyes at the petit H show last month, on the arms of another customer…whom I of course stalked until she left the store 🙂

  3. irene

    Hi Larkie, you wear it well, look great on you

  4. larkie

    oh thanks, Sarah!! what i’ve noticed from trying on the samples at the preview shows (label is typically marked as “38 sample”) is that the models wear a 38 for the length but the item is modified to fit more like a big 34. Since the rest of us mere mortals are not built like that, i tend to look at the runway pics for fit of the shoulders/sleeves/back/hip. As for length, i just have to eyeball and see if the overall proportion of that design looks ok for my frame. and then of course i typically prefer my hems to hit below the knee so i know how it’s presented on the runway will never look quite the same for me… Is it too late for growth hormones? Lol.

  5. Sarah

    Actually – you look really good! Better than the runway model. I always thought that pattern cutters adapt the designs they sell to us, so they are not the same cut as the run way. Is that no so?

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