Happy Feet

I sent my passport away a few weeks ago to get it renewed two years ahead of its expiration date; I’d simply run out of pages. So while almost everyone I know has left the country for their summer holidays, I have been California bound, nose to the grind.

The upside to all this, though, is that for once I am in one place to actually follow up on any leads on summer sales, especially as discounts go from 30 to 40 then even more in some cases for shoes.

So as the Fedex guy continues to crack jokes about the packages piling up at my door,

I’m happy to say that my restless feet have been replaced by happy feet.

Is this wrong?

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  1. irene

    Hi Larkie, do you have any SA that get help to get the same pair -beige clog with black camelia in either size 36 or 36.5, no luck to get in sales

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