Wooden Music Box

This will be brief. My email box was swamped with requests from readers about the little robot I got from Taiwan so I’m posting more photos with info about it so that you can look for your own special music box online, but if you pass through the Taipei International Airport, you should be able to find them prominently displayed in quite a few shops. At my terminal alone there were at least two stores that had them, and I think each store had slightly different inventory.

I should note that I thought that “Wonderful Life” was the name of the song my robot is playing but it turns out that that’s just the name of the maker.

So if you do get to see the full display, be sure to note what song your music box is playing (the salesperson had a “cheat sheet” with all of the song names for each box) unless you already know what it is.  I’ll have to remember to empty my carry-on bag before I pass through Taipei next time. Enjoy the hunt!


  1. Jaime

    Thanks so much Larkie. Hope I can get one in August.

  2. Lisa D.

    Cool thanks 🙂

  3. larkie

    hi Lisa, it was 810 Taiwan Dollars, or roughly 27$. i really wish i could have fit a few more into my suitcase!!

  4. Lisa D.

    How much did you get the robot if you don’t mind me asking? My coworker is going to Taiwan the summer, I might ask him to buy it for me:)

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