Croc K32/Look 6

We’re in the final hours of Jamzilla (the partial closure of the infamous 405 freeway for expansion), a follow-up to the 2012 Carmageddon, and I’m sitting in traffic, wondering why of all days I have to be on the 405 today. But that’s the reality of living in LA. For every perfect sunny day in southern Cal we pay its price by sitting under the clear, blue skies in our cars hours at a time to get anywhere. To make the most of a long drive, I plan out the week in my head then tell Siri to jot those thoughts out on my phone. And then I thought about this last look here.

I’ve been scratching my head about how to close out this series. What concoction could I possibly whip up from my closet to do real justice to the fabulous Hermès croc?

First, I thought, maybe an all-American look with jeans, crisp shirt, and some sneakers to let the bag do all the talking?

Or maybe a more equestrian ensemble as a tribute to this house of sellier?

And then I realized I should just close the series as I opened it, with a Chanel dress that needs very little editing. When simple is done the Chanel way, I don’t need to complicate things. Will anyone notice what I’m wearing anyway when they see this bag coming?

Croc K32/Look 6: 10P Chanel dress and black YSL slingbacks.

This dress is from one of my favorite seasons Karl ever created. In hindsight I wish I had bought more from this past season and less from the future ones.

Thanks for indulging my croc K32 obsession with these six looks. But yes, I do know it’s an inanimate object, even if she may think otherwise…


  1. larkie

    Hi Henrietta-S, the cashmere I leave to the professional dry cleaners. I believe it is possible to hand wash some cashmere, but given all the usual embellishments that come with Chanel sweaters, I just leave it to people who know what they are doing. The trick of course is to find peole who know what they are doing!!

  2. Henrietta-Sarah Jones

    You look divine! The dress & the bag would work with everything, but you wear them so well. Would love to see a post on how you store & clean your extensive CHANEL cashmere collection. X

  3. larkie

    hey D!! hmmm, that’s a tough choice. i’d say this dress is a bit easier to wear bc i’m the first person to get a white dress dirty! but i find that the unique if memorable print/look of this dress actually makes it less practical (gasp) than the white dress, which you could easily pair with a jacket, cardigan or sweater to accommodate the fashion situation! the white dress is very dressy when you see it in person bc of the fabric. but when you throw something black over it, it behaves like a good supporting layering piece. but you know, if you love dresses, ya gotta find both :D!!

  4. larkie

    hi Lisa D! thank you for the reassurance, as i was thinking the full skirt compounded by a thick tweed might make the dress a bit much (esp on bloated days lol). but i love the black grosgrain trims around the dress that give it more definition!

  5. larkie

    Hi Cecilia, dry-cleaning is the bane of my existence! not only is it expensive, it is also difficult to find a reliable cleaner. and unfortunately, it’s a lot of trial and error, and even the best dry cleaner can have an off day. a fellow collector in japan even told me once that she knows (well to do) people there who will not clean their chanel clothes out of fear of getting them ruined by chemicals. but since i can’t live that way, i just try to be very politely firm with my dry cleaner about protecting the embellishments and fabrication of my items each time i come in. they prob hate me by now, but i’d rather err on the cautious side than assume someone else will care about a trim on my jacket!

  6. Cecilia

    As an extremely “busybody” reader, I am very interested to know your dry-cleaning bill as you have so many fabulous clothes. Please share if you have any secrets towards maintaining your wardrobe.

  7. Lisa d.

    I love this look on you…simple and classy

  8. d

    Flawless! I have to admit that the dress steals the show. Between this and the 12P white tweed you wore for your folk’s anniversary, which do you love more? I’m in the market for both!!!

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